This site is for dissemination and discussion of ideas in The Healer Messiah. It deals with conflict of all sorts, especially with those who deny our core beliefs. 

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I am a Research Fellow at Eastern Mennonite University's Center for Interfaith Engagement. I've lived in Canada, Germany, Belgium, France, and the United States, and served under Mennonite Central Committee in Congo (Kinshasa) in the early 70's, and in Nepal in the late '90's. My Ph.D. in Computer Science is from Duke University, 1981.

I was professor of Computer Science at James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia, teaching there for nearly twenty years. In 1992 I cofounded Rosetta Stone (rosettastone.com) with my brothers-in-law Allen and Eugene Stoltzfus, and was VP of Research and Development there until my retirement in 2006.

My wife Kathryn is a retired attorney, mediator and trainer of mediators. We raised four sons in Bridgewater, Virginia, where we now enjoy twelve grandchildren. We are members of Park View Mennonite Church.

Why rruuuaacchh? Because of Ruach, the language developed in The Healer Messiah, and because nobody else on the web uses the doubled spelling so it makes rruuaacchh easy to find, and because rruuaacchh looks windblown.

John Fairfield